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Death Battle, CommentJack vs. KablamBandicoot64 :iconagenericmrenterhater:AGenericMrEnterHater 0 6 Death Battle, Mr. Enter vs. PewDiePie :iconagenericmrenterhater:AGenericMrEnterHater 0 10


LBGT and not a wimp :iconguei-girl:Guei-Girl 59 81 Breaking a gay stereotype :iconguei-girl:Guei-Girl 116 102
Mr Enter = biggest coward ever!
That guy MrEnter is by far the biggest coward ever! He blocks people when they tell him that he's wrong and he can't take criticism when someone gives it to him. He's a coward! He's a whiner! And he blocks people who don't agree with him! Screw that guy MrEnter and his shitty videos! Also, his drawings suck!
:iconhozupindahows00s:hozupindahows00s 6 8
Nostalgia Critic Vs Mr Enter :iconkeyblademagicdan:KeybladeMagicDan 11 110 I'm getting better! :iconhozupindahows00s:hozupindahows00s 1 25 Virginity is not worse than dying :iconguei-girl:Guei-Girl 216 149
Why Frozen fails part 1
I'm fully aware that people will hate me for this, but Frozen is the worst Disney animated film I have ever seen. That's not to say that it's their worst film, it might be far from it... but I don't like it one bit. I can't even enjoy it on a guilty pleasure level, because stuff considered to be guilty pleasures have at least one redeeming quality, this overhyped piece of corporate trash has none. I mean come on, even Chicken Little, a far that's still worse film than this, I can at least appreciate the amount of work that went into something that was pretty much DOA. I can't even say that with this!! Look, I'm fully aware that in some weird circumstance this could have been a lot worse, but this is just a underwhelming waste of potential. When you say the premise out loud to yourself, it sounds like it has the potential to be something great, maybe nothing that special, but still good. But in terms of execution and how it's told... well...
Lets get right down to the story.... Frozen h
:icon7tobnori:7tobnori 3 8
Want to know a game that the fans killed for me?
Please understand that I am not defending Nintendo despite being a fan of them, I am well aware of their flaws, such as the Switch Memory card prices, certain dysfunctional Switch consoles, pay to play, Switch's battery life, Virtual Boy and more. Just saying this in case some BLACKB0ND asskisser/Type B Nintendrone comes and makes blanket assumptions about me being a fanboy.
I'll say it through a logo...
Alright, along with Paper Mario, the fantwats ruined the series for me. I mean they act like entitled babies when they don't get what they want. I'll say this as much as I have to, just because a company doesn't give you what you want, doesn't mean that 1. they are the scum of the earth, and 2., the world is about the end. I understand your pain on Other M (haven't played it so I can't have a word on it), but I saw these twats overreacting to a game they haven't even played yet, even going as far as to MAKE A FUCKING PETITION THAT ALREADY NEVER STOOD A FUCKING CHANCE.
:iconkyoyap90x:KyoyaP90x 1 2
Ew mobile DA
They did something to the stupid comments section and I no like it halppp
:iconlusaas:Lusaas 1 1
Rant on Animated Atrocity note cards on Deviantart
Now everyone is entitled to their own opinions. There's just different ways of looking at things, and this might have to be one of the worst.
To clarify, I may not be reviewing new episodes of shows as they air anymore, but I am still able to wrote a journal of anything on my mind. Just regular reviews are taking a break.
Anyway, "I hate this episode. I'm going to open Photoshop and throw together this image in less their 5 minutes and deliver a half-assed review."
Okay so what's wrong with the sentence about? Of the "Animated Atrocites" note cards I've read, the majority have been weak and often aimed at episodes where it is undeserved. Even the name just puts me off.
Episodes deserving of "Animated Atrocity". Atrocity. The quality of being atrocious. Atrocious.
When you throw this term at an episode, you're basically admitting that you see no other interpretation in the episode and saying there's only one way of looking at it. T
:iconj2xp:J2xp 6 9
I am sorry.
Okay this has gone far enough. After receiving a recent amount of hate outta of nowhere. I need to make this clear.
I am very very VERY Sorry for what i did years ago. It was wrong of me to do so. And i've already swore to never let this happen again. But i wished this incident had been resolved more peacefully. The fact that i've been hated, scolded, & bashed for this has made it very difficult for 'us' to move on from this. I know there are people who felt hurt about this because of me. But there are many people who i feel like they're only doing this just to bully me and that's not cool people. And using insults like faggot just makes you look a bad person who has nothing better to do then to bully people like me. Now because that i'm truly sorry for what i did. You have no good reason to hate on me anymore. Its over people. Its time for all of us to move on and forget what happened in the past. I'm done with this madness.
And if you're still hating on me just because i have a g
:iconmichaeldragon:Michaeldragon 5 105
Top 10 Infamous Sonic Fags
Oh boy, I never thought I would be talking about Sonic Fags, but after seeing that video on what the notorious Chris Chan did back on December 26 at a Gamestop he was banned from, I feel I have to bring up the issue. Now, you're all wondering, what are Sonic Fags? Well, to put it bluntly, Sonic Fags are the lowest common denominator in the Sonic fanbase. These guys have an irrational and unhealthy obsession for anything related to Sonic the Hedgehog, and they yell at and bash others who dare to disagree with their idiotic beliefs. Many of these Sonic Fags also show tendencies of pedophilia, bestiality, etc. Some of these Sonic Fags also give people with autism a bad image, which really pisses me off since I have mild Aspergers, and I'm sure a lot of people who have similar conditions would agree that these douchebags do not represent us, nor even the Sonic fanbase. BlackBusterCritic has already mentioned many of these Sonicfags, but what the heck. So, without furthe
:icondracocharizard87:DracoCharizard87 15 26
Magcargo :iconjhallpokemon:JHALLpokemon 138 18 Blue And Gold Macaws In Love :iconsanjouin-dacapo:sanjouin-dacapo 14 28
Boundaries: Good for NTs and Aspies
Some people don't understand the value of boundaries. Aspies often don't even know the reason for them, since they have fewer mirror-neurons that tell them why people feel certain ways about things like proximity, snooping, and prying questions. Because of this, aspies will find themselves out of step with neurotypicals. Other times, they think that these boundaries are set up just to hurt them or destroy their fun.
They don't realize that boundaries are for their benefit as well.
Boundaries can be anything, from certain body parts being 'private' to things like cheating in a relationship, stealing, hitting, spreading rumours, snooping, insulting, lying to someone, or even out-of-left-field break-ups. Boundaries are not just for neurotypicals - they are for us too.
As someone with Aspergers Autism, I have had problems with certain boundaries for years. As some of you may know, years ago I let a guy buy me a drink, and when he drove me back to where I was parked, he kept trying to kiss
:iconsanjouin-dacapo:sanjouin-dacapo 1 0
An Essay on Anger for Aspies, by an Aspie
We aspies are usually very easily irritated, upset, or distressed. Weirdly enough, it is very hard to anger us - to TRULY anger us. Sometimes that can be a good thing, as we can be - or at least seem to be - very patient and tolerant. However, this patience can be a curse when it comes to other people burning bridges. People can take advantage of our kind, patient nature, or we can creep out other people if we seem overly friendly and forgiving. Because of this, we need to learn to be angry.
To start, think about a friend who suddenly burnt a bridge. Think about what you did about it. Did you apologize profusely for whatever you did? Did you grovel and beg for that person to come back so things could go back to the way they were? If so, you are not alone. I've done that a few times, and believe me, I wish I had instead just got angry and wrote these people off.
Think about your boundaries. Aspies tend to have little sense of personal boundaries, and they need to learn about healthy bou
:iconsanjouin-dacapo:sanjouin-dacapo 2 5


I'm so mad that my dream about a Paper Mario game with Enter as the villain wasn't real.
And now Don Rickles died....what is so great about 2017 again?
A crappy video about me was recommended to me..........… Made a thread! Post here before it gets deleted or locked or something.
A while back I made a few posts comparing Mr. Enter to ToonE and why he's no better. A lot of people (namely Enterbots) took my comments as an absolute defense of ToonE, but what I was really pointing out was that people are giving Mr. Enter a free pass for things that they're bashing ToonE for.

If Mr. Enter said "CGI is the devil, look away from it" then many fanboys would follow suit.

And I thought ToonE's apology to jbwarner86 was more genuine than Mr. Enter's apology to Casey Alexander. (Still waiting for an apology to Shota and Jinbo71)


United States
I do Death Battles sometimes.




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